How to pair a Samsung Gear Smartwatch with an iPhone

Samsung Gear iPhone

Both Apple iPhone and Samsung Gear are favorite choices for technology lovers. How do you feel if we use them together ?

There is tough competition between both the companies to introduce latest features on their products. But now forget about the rivalry. We will tell you how to pair a Samsung Gear smartwatch with your new iPhone.

  • Turn on bluetooth in iPhone.
  • Is your smartwatch already paired with any other device ? If so, delete user history on Gear. Here’s the way- Open settings > Gear info > Reset Gear > Factory Reset.
  • If your smartwatch not yet connected with any device, forget about the second step. Just turn it on.
  • Gear will ask you to install Samsung Gear on the connected device.
  • Visit App Store from iPhone and search for Samsung Gear S. Install and open it.
  • Give necessary permissions to the app, to connect with Gear smartwatch.
  • Finally click on Çonnect to Gear button. Wait a couple of seconds to display the watch name. Click on that.
  • Now both devices will ask your permission for pairing together. Go ahead.
  • Gear need to access your private data on iPhone. It includes your location, calendar and photos. Tap enable and finally Done.
  • That’s all.

Make sure these two things in order to work pairing effectively,

  • Gear app should be always opened on iPhone.
  • Bluetooth should be active in both the devices.

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