How to Add Words to Android Predictive Text : Delete Words from User Dictionary

android user dictionary


We all know that Android is the most popular operating system around the world. It is easy to use and equipped with tons of features that makes our digital life more easier. We already discussed how can we enable or disable predictive text on Android in this post.

Now we are going to see how can we add own, customized words to Android personal dictionary to use them in future. It is ideal to add someone’s name, complex words that you use regularly in messages. If you have habit of using transliteration words there, Android will try to auto correct you. By make use of user dictionary, you can avoid such situations.

Here, what to do.

  • Open system settings on Android
  • You will see Personal Dictionary as fourth option. Open it.

android user dictionary

  • All Languages > Click on + icon at right top corner.
  • Type your word and short cut to reach there.

android user dictionary

  • Done.

How to delete words from Android predictive text

Follow these steps to clear your words from type suggestions.

  • Open Android settings
  • See our first screenshot in this post. Confirm the keyboard you are currently using.
  • Move to Keyboard and Input Preferences section. Choose your keyboard.
  • If it is Google keyboard, a number of sub menus will be displayed.
  • Click Dictionary. From there choose clear user dictionary.

android user dictionary

  • You will get a pop up box to retype a number. Do that.
  • Done. Your entire user dictionary is erased now.
  • Above said options may vary according to your keyboard type. If you are using inbuilt keyboard of Samsung, open its settings (Settings > Keyboard and Input Preferences > Samsung Keyboard). Scroll down to bottom until you see Reset settings option. Choose Clear personalised data in next screen.

android user dictionary

  • A popup box will open. Click Clear to delete user history.