Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2017- Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG

We saw several major developments in smartphone sector recently. It improved the display, RAM, Storage, Camera and brought some additional features for security and convenient usage.

So what about in 2017 ? Leading mobile makers are reportedly working on some innovative features that will make their flagship series more better.

Just wait and see what type of phone we will see in next. Now we can make a close look at the best upcoming smartphones from top companies in the sector.

1) Apple iPhone

iphone 8

Apple has debuted their iPhone ten year back, in 2017. So we can expect something unexpected with 10th anniversary model iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 is expected to come with OLED screen and it reportedly asked suppliers other than Samsung to submit prototype models with higher resolution for an upcoming model. So we can assume that Apple is considering other screen manufacturers as well for iPhone new edition. It may remove traditional home button from front side, similar to rumored reports about Samsung Galaxy S8.

2) Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung will make some revolutionary changes from their next flagship model. According to an exclusive report of Sammobile, the company will replace headphone jack with a USB type C adapter in Galaxy S8, similar to what we seen in iPhone 7 last year.

As an other interesting step, Bloomberg predicted yesterday that, the Galaxy S8 will feature an “all screen design”. It will remove physical home button, top and bottom borders around the screen and will have full glass screen in front side. So the phone will be smaller but with a bigger display size. However South Korean mobile giant declined to comment on these reports.

3) HTC 11


Much anticipated phone from Taiwanese phone makers is expected to release early 2017. HTC 10 was released in March this year, so we expect new member in the HTC family within the time span of a year or maximum April 2017.

HTC 11 comes with full metal body and stylish design without any physical controls. You have to rely on gestures, touches or voice to control the device. It will be the first phone that runs on newly introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip set.

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We expect something big in 2017 with Note 8. The reason is simple. Samsung will do everything to overcome the present crisis that they face because of Note 7’s manufacturing defects.

2016 was not a good year for the company. Note 7’s issues severely affected them and forced to withdraw the device from the market. Naturally it created impact on their profit margin as well. So we are quite sure that Samsung will bring a couple of interesting, innovative changes with upcoming version, otherwise they will lose the game for ever.

5) LG G6


New member to South Korean mobile maker’s family is expected to come with some innovative features and elegant design. It’s said to be a water resistant phone. The speculations arise because the company has recently launched a smartphone- V34 with water proof body- in Japan. So naturally G6 will be similar one.

The next LG flagship is powered by a 3.0 octa core processor and backed by a bigger 4200 mAh battery. LG G5 was first modular smartphone but the concept was not working well. So the company will make some interesting changes with the new model.